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Nazeem The Terrible


Member of the Constellation of Ilmanar, one of the Five Lords of Dis'Panad.


The son of a well-to-do Silk Merchant and charismatic even as a youth, Nazeem sees himself as the perpetual social outsider. His social skill comes not from being likeable but rather from having the uncanny ability to work out what makes people tick and the ruthless ability to exploit those mechanistic drives for his own advantages. Unsurprisingly this outlook resulted in his drifting through his magic training as a popular and yet lonesome figure.


Upon taking up the fief of Dis'Panad, Nazeem has come to realise that the moral and social rules that govern human interaction in most human lands are entirely optional. He exists beyond morality and has seen the horror that is the universe when stripped of its comforting myths and conventions. This realisation has prompted Nazeem to start doing things such as wearing coats made from the hides of sentient non-human animals and fireballing a village merely to see the peasants scatter before him. Needless to say, this worries the other lords of Dis'Panad.


Despite his eccentricities, Nazeem is frequently a voice of reason in political matters. His aloof outlook upon life acting as a counterpoint to the more emotionally involved members of the party.  Which is not what you would expect from a man who wears a gnoll-skin coat.


Despite being trained as an engineer and enjoying overseeing building projects (he has championed, with mixed success, the prototype for an underground green-house using continual light spells as well as the construction of signal towers), Nazeem spends most of his time in the field where he has engaged in high diplomacy, low combat and much travel and exploration.  His current projects include attempts to psychologically break a gnoll prisoner in the hope that he might be used to recruit the region's gnolls to fight for the Turkhanate in return for plentiful food and warm lodgings.


Character Name Nazeem the Terrible Class Mage
Player Name Jonathan Role Lord of Des’pond
Exp 16264 Level 4
Stats THACO Base Attribute Other Effective
Str 12 - Close Combat 19 - - 19
Dex 12 - Ranged Combat 19 - - 19
Con 14 +1 Armour Class Shield Attribute Other Effective
Int 15 +1 Leather 7
Wis 7 -1 Hit Points
Cha 17 +2 24
Languages Spoken
Weapon Mastery


Skills Spells
Leadership 17 Detect Talent Fireball
Military Tactics 15 Read Magic Haste
Engineering 15 Magic Missile Phantasmal Force
Natural Law 15 Charm person Woodform
Persuasion 17 Sleep Invisibility
    Hold Portal Continual Light
Black war horse "Demon" Leather armour Lance Longsword
Stones of darkness Stones of light Sling and bullets Shield +1 (w/ Shield spell OPD)

Money and Treasure Hirelings
Copper Raz - Rabaht
Silver Souf - N'Kwame - Kushite slave warrior
Silver Millim -  
Silver Dhiram -  
Gold Dinar -  
Riyal -  
Total -  

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